To Shoe or Not To Shoe

I started off on a slow easy run this morning, still feeling some tiredness from Saturday’s 50 miler.  Almost immediately, all of the nagging old pains started to rear their ugly heads. The high hamstring tendinitis. The lower back headachy feeling. The twinge in the right foot that feels like it wants to grow up … Continue reading

A Note To Ricky

I’ve been thinking a lot about you, and your upcoming challenge on June 1.  You set a big goal many months ago, and have worked steadily, relentlessly to prepare for this milestone. I know there were times  you didn’t want to study, wanted to put it off, give yourself an excuse, but you didn’t. You … Continue reading

Adios Headlamp!

Home By Dawn- It’s the name of this blog, and it describes my weekday runs for most of the year.  I head out early in the am, in the dark, and I come home, yep, still in the dark. It’s not all bad, I love the quiet solitude, the starry skies, and the occasional shooting … Continue reading

A Girl’s Gotta Snack

I just finished making a batch of our new favorite addiction- frozen banana bites. They’re so easy, it takes about 5 minutes, and they taste so much more decadent than they really are. It all started with the Surf City Marathon earlier this month and stayed in Newport Beach California. During our 4 days there, … Continue reading

Get Off the Couch!

Take a minute to look at this cool story about  Fred Beckey, 90 years old, climbing in JTree.   I haven’t been able to get this amazing athlete off my mind, and this morning, running on a pretty steep trail, this picture kept flashing in my mind. It was really motivating to have this picture … Continue reading

Finding Peace in the Circle

Sometimes I feel fractured by all of the things that command my time, and all of the different things I want to do, and am interested in doing, and have to do. First and foremost, I see myself and view my life through the lens of a distance runner. And often there is tension, or … Continue reading

Monday Wake Up Call

The alarm went off at 4:50. Yea, 4:50 a.m. Time to get up and run. It was dark, and cold, and I was warm and cozy. I said, “not going out” and rolled over. BUT, at 5:20, I was still awake. I got up, put on my shoes and got out the door. It was … Continue reading

For the Love of Kaylor

Kaylor knob. Just the neighborhood trail run. Just the work-a-day industrial trail run. Convenient, and can be done in an hour and a half. Kaylor knob, how I love you. Always an adventure, always something new to see, and feel and smell. You blow through my mind and body and soul, and cleanse away all … Continue reading

Living More Thoughtfully

I am working on 2 new habits, both based on experiences I had last week. The 2 places that inspired these changes are so different it makes me laugh, but the lesson was the same. The treasures of our planet cannot be taken for granted, or used carelessly. Our actions have impact so far beyond … Continue reading