“The Weight”

This is a blog about traveling. There hasn’t been much travel for the past 10 months, which leaves me plenty of time to dream about both past and future adventures. Or to ruminate on things. Heavy things. Sometime last spring this video appeared in my social media feed. I watched, and by the end I … More “The Weight”


It’s been seven months. Seven months ago, the way we navigate the world changed abruptly and profoundly. I’ve been reluctant to write at all about it, because 2020 seems like a thing that cannot be summed up in words, at least not by me. Everyone has a unique experience, individual challenges, personal struggles and losses. … More Serendipity

It’s Decision Time

I love dogs. I love cats. I L-O-O-V-E  seeing everyone’s furbabies on social media. I remember many happy years with pets who were part of my family and still live in my heart. I’d love to rescue a dog. But I am not going to. My dream life of traveling conflicts with my desire to … More It’s Decision Time