The Indescribable World of Antarctica

In March of 2019, I went to Antarctica, with One Ocean Expeditions (no longer operating), and Marathon Tours.

It was a once in a lifetime adventure, and I haven’t written anything about it. The reason, I realized recently, is that I simply cannot find words to adequately capture it.

Austere, haunting, exquisite, untouched, mysterious, vast, awe-inspiring.

It felt like peering into a secret world, untouched and unaffected by human influence.

So, relying on the old adage that a picture is worth 1000 words, here is Antarctica, not quite as I saw it, but as near as my camera was able to capture it.

Icebergs floated silently past, the size of tall buildings, huge ships, or small neighborhoods.

Wildlife had no fear of humans. the cuteness of penguins cannot be over-stated.

A sunset, and a sunrise from on board our ship, the Ioffe.

Enormous views on our daily excursions.

Marathon day was warm and muddy. We ran laps between the Russian base and the Uruguayan base.

The Ioffe was a research/tourism vessel, staffed by One Ocean Expeditions. It is no longer in operation, but others are, and there is no place on earth like this. I fell more deeply in love with this beautiful place we live. It gave me hope to see places still so untouched, and made me resolve to touch more lightly the places I inhabit. Let’s do it. Let’s think of one more thing we can do, starting today, to love our Earth more tenderly. Share your idea in the comments and let’s inspire each other!

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