It’s Decision Time

I love dogs. I love cats.

I L-O-O-V-E  seeing everyone’s furbabies on social media. I remember many happy years with pets who were part of my family and still live in my heart.

I’d love to rescue a dog.

But I am not going to. My dream life of traveling conflicts with my desire to give an animal a happy home, so I choose to forgo that.

I’m so grateful to be living the life I do. It’s an amazing journey that delights me daily. Does that mean I have everything I want all the time? Does it mean I’m giddy with happiness every minute?

Of course not. That’s fantasy.

Sometimes I want things that conflict with my deepest desires- like having pets. Sometimes I’m lonely for people I love when I’m traveling. Sometimes I’m uncomfortable, or anxious.

That is all part of being human. You can be human with your dream life, or human with a life you tolerate. Either way, there will be choices, and feelings about those choices.

As you begin to make your dreams come true, you’ll have decisions to make. There are lots of things you love, lots of things you like, and plenty of things that make you happy.  The truth is, some of them will not fit into this bigger life you want to live.

Anytime you make a decision to go in a certain direction, then other things are ruled out. If you go north, you decide against south. If you spend September in Maine, then you cannot take an art class in California. If you use your budget to decorate a luxurious home, then you cannot spend that money on a train ticket.

It’s all about choices. None of them are intrinsically better or worse. Some of them move you closer to your dream, some move you away. So you have to be really clear on your dream to make the best choice FOR YOU, right?

Some choices will be easy. Some will be tough. Some will test you regularly.

What’s your dream? What’s the choice facing you now? Share so I can cheer you on!

2 thoughts on “It’s Decision Time

  1. I have been fortunate to be able to combine my passions: travel, birdwatching and running. Right now sitting in the airport headed to Thailand to track down some birds, run a marathon in Chiang Mai and then catch another cruise ship out of Hong Kong to run a marathon distance to keep my streak alive.

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