Father’s Day 2014

My first thought was, Pie! Daddy would LOVE to have a piece of pie on Father’s Day!  So I picked up the rock and continued running, up the trail to the memorial I started for my dad this past New Year’s Day.

Daddy died on December 27th, of cancer. After 4 exhausting, emotional, draining days, all I wanted was to get into the woods alone. Finally home on Jan 1st, I headed for my favorite trail when the idea struck. A cairn. For my dad. On the beautiful trail where I had spent so many hours thinking about him, his courage, his strength, his matter-of-fact battle with cancer. The trail where I had stopped to take phone calls from my mom about E.R. visits; the trail that nurtures my body and spirit every week of the year.

I started picking up a rock on every run; the cairn is on a lovely spot on the trail, tucked in next to a giant pine behind a mossy rock, right on the ridge almost 2 miles in.  As I carry my rock, thoughts of Daddy often come, and it has become a treasured ritual.

Sometimes, when I get there, it’s been torn apart, and I rebuild it as best I can. But today it looked like this:

photo 1






Someone had added a beautiful piece of pine bark, and a pine cone. It was breathtaking!

And here is the Father’s Day Rock:

photo 2
It even has a little brown crust!




I set it down with a smile on my face. Pie for my dad, on Father’s Day. Just what he would have wanted.


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