We Have to Talk – About Halloween

Out for my long run this morning, I realized that I had to say something. Obviously there’s a need for some Halloween intervention.  This struck me as I ran passed a house with the shrubbery drapped in big cobwebs, with a 5 ft furry spider clinging to a tree. So listen up, this is important.

Halloween is NOT a season. Halloween is a one-day festival for children. OK, grown-ups can play too. On October 31st. That’s Halloween. But when I run through your neighborhood on the 2nd week of November, and you still have your Halloween decorations up, that’s not festive. It looks like you really do live in a creepy, abandoned house.  Put your Halloween stuff away, it’s over.

Now I get that people like to decorate their homes for the season. It’s pretty, creative, and enjoyable for those of us passing through. So pumpkins, great; mums, by all means. Scarecrows and hay bales, OK. But the giant cobwebs, fake spiders, and tombstones have TO GO. Halloween is over, it was over the day you flipped your calendar to November.

Of course this is just one runner’s opinion.  So chime in about seasonal Halloween decorations- Yay or nay?


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