To Shoe or Not To Shoe

I started off on a slow easy run this morning, still feeling some tiredness from Saturday’s 50 miler.  Almost immediately, all of the nagging old pains started to rear their ugly heads. The high hamstring tendinitis. The lower back headachy feeling. The twinge in the right foot that feels like it wants to grow up and be plantar fascitis. Whatever the reason, I have been plagued by ongoing nagging pains all season. And I’m tired of it.

So this morning, I took off my shoes. And felt immediate relief. I’m not kidding, there was no pain. Anywhere. At all. I felt- unchained. I ran about 1/2 mile, and then I put my shoes back on because the soles of my feet were starting to feel tender. I didn’t want to cause another problem!

As soon as the shoes went on, the discomfort in my glutes and lower back returned. Instantly.

I’m not ready to ditch my Mizuno’s and call myself a barefoot convert, but I am intrigued enough to continue exploring this. This is the perfect time to experiment. The season’s races are past, and there is nothing scheduled until late fall (more about that big adventure later). I have time and space to play. I’m going to spend some more time in my bare feet and see how things feel. And do some research.
If you want to read a little about barefoot running (pro and con) here are some places to start.
If you have any experience, PLEASE SHARE with me! I’m curious, a little skeptical, but becoming a little desperate to feel good running again.

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