SHHH! Don’t Tell Mom- Or, Do Tell Mom

036Just a word of advice. If you’re running your first 50 miler, don’t tell your mother. It will just upset her.

She knows it’s too far, it will take too long, it’s too hard. She’ll worry and fret and tell you not to overdo  it. WHAT?!?

The very essence of a 50 mile run is overdoing it! Of COURSE I’m going to overdo it. It’s 50 MILES!

But I did not tell my mother that. I promised not to overdo it. I promised to call her when I finish.

She cautioned me not to push too hard. I promised I would not. (and I meant it!)

She wished I could sit down along the way for a few minutes and rest, but then she realized that was probably a bad idea so I didn’t have to promise I would.

It’s Tuesday. The race is Saturday. Now, I have to be truthful. I also have worried and fretted the past few days. I’ve been jittery. I’m afraid it’s too far, will take too long, be too hard. And a funny thing has happened. Now that my Mom is worrying, I’m not. Reassuring her has somehow bolstered my own courage, somehow given me faith in my training and my experience and my body.

I will probably be nervous again between now and the finish line. But for now, I’m ready. I can do this.

Thanks Mom. You’ve always been there for me, always been behind me, always let me lean on you. And today,here you are once more, with just what I needed. You’re the best!

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