A Note To Ricky

Ricky_For_BlogI’ve been thinking a lot about you, and your upcoming challenge on June 1.  You set a big goal many months ago, and have worked steadily, relentlessly to prepare for this milestone.

I know there were times  you didn’t want to study, wanted to put it off, give yourself an excuse, but you didn’t. You made a schedule and a plan, and you stuck to it. You found tools and people to help you, and made the most of those resources.

I want you to know some things:

You are exceptional. Not everyone can do this.  Lots of people can dream big, but very few keep taking the small steps day after day to make the dream come true.

You are brave. There must be days where you doubt yourself. Everyone has them.  Courage is taking the next step anyway, even when you don’t believe you can.

You are strong.  Lots of obstacles have come between you and your goal.  You’ve overcome them, one by one, day by day. You’ve studied when you’re tired, when you wanted to play, when you were just plain bored of the routine. And each time you did that, you became stronger.

You are READY.  You WILL achieve this. There is not a crumb of doubt in my mind. Not because you’re my son, or because you’re smart, or because I don’t understand the challenge (although all of those things are true). I am certain to my core that you will succeed in this because I’ve watched you prepare. Inch by inch, day by day, step by step.

So take a deep breath, sharpen your pencil, and go get what you’ve worked for. It’s yours. Go get it.

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