Adios Headlamp!

Home By Dawn- It’s the name of this blog, and it describes my weekday runs for most of the year.  I head out early in the am, in the dark, and I come home, yep, still in the dark. It’s not all bad, I love the quiet solitude, the starry skies, and the occasional shooting star. I love the week after the full moon, when I have moonlight casting shadows.

But by February, the thrill is gone. It’s cold, it’s dark, I’m bored, bored, bored with the 2 routes where there is some lighting and I feel safe. I’m tired of worrying about bears on trash day.

And then……one morning I see it. A faint softening of the sky. And soon, YES, I can see the ridgetops against the sky. And now AT LAST, I head out into the twilight, and come home in full daylight! It is glorious. Colors and birds and sunrise, and the freedom to run any old where my feet want to take me.  Suddenly the world ( or at least my little corner of it) opens up.  And the headlamp stays home.

Every year I wait so long for these precious weeks of early dawn, and suddenly they’re here, and the gift of them delights me every morning.

I know I’m not the only early morning runner out there. How do you get through the dark doldrums, and how does your routine, your attitude or your mileage change during the longer days?



One thought on “Adios Headlamp!

  1. Very nice writing. I didn’t read every word as some is personal stuff. Hope you do well at your 50 miler. Enjoy the experience.

    Love, Larry

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