Get Off the Couch!

Take a minute to look at this cool story about  Fred Beckey, 90 years old, climbing in JTree.   I haven’t been able to get this amazing athlete off my mind, and this morning, running on a pretty steep trail, this picture kept flashing in my mind.

Fred tops out on the final pitch on Moosedog Tower!It was really motivating to have this picture in my head when I was struggling up a hill, or through a rock scrabble. I could feel my effort, picture his effort, and remember that he didn’t quit. It helped me not to quit!

The second thing that struck me about this story is that this 90 year old climber is still trying new things. My impression is that this was a new summit for him, not a climb he goes out and does every weekend.

So the question I asked myself was “What am I doing for the firs time?” How am I challenging myself?” I invite you to ask yourself the same questions. What are you going to do this year for the first time?

As Helen Keller said,

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing

What’s your next big adventure? Leave a comment and share!

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