Finding Peace in the Circle

Reclining BuddhaSometimes I feel fractured by all of the things that command my time, and all of the different things I want to do, and am interested in doing, and have to do. First and foremost, I see myself and view my life through the lens of a distance runner. And often there is tension, or resentment, with things that take up my time, and impinge on my running schedule.

But now, in the beginning of a new year, I am seeing a little differently. At the start of a new year, as many of us do, I look back at the previous year. And I look forward to what my intentions and plans and ideas and responsibilities are for the coming year.

I am beginning to see how all of these different parts of my life, and different interests, are connected. I was thinking about buying some seeds to grow vegetables. That connects to my interest in trying new recipes, which is connected to my desire to eat for health and strength, which connects to wanting to run longer distances.

I am seeing more and more that my life is not divided into running and non-running. Instead, this force infuses and permeates all of the other parts of my life.

The result of seeing the connections, (drawing the circles, as my mind sees it) is that I feel less tension and more peace in all of my activities. Whether I am tending my vegetable garden, trying to find new things to fix for dinner, or swapping a run for a yoga session, I can view them all as parts of a whole, as points on the circle that is this distance runner’s life.

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