For the Love of Kaylor

Kaylor knob. Just the neighborhood trail run. Just the work-a-day industrial trail run. Convenient, and can be done in an hour and a half.

Kaylor knob, how I love you. Always an adventure, always something new to see, and feel and smell. You blow through my mind and body and soul, and cleanse away all the nonsense.

I was up there earlier. The trail was covered with a crunchy snow-pack. It was 25 degrees and the wind roared in the treetops. It was exhilarating, and I crunched along through the snow, staying alert for the icy spots. There were constant happy surprises-tracks of squirrel, turkey and bear; lovely arrangements of pine and laurel against the snow, and crystal clear views of the valley on either side.

I run that trail year round, sometimes 3 days a week. But Kaylor Knob never fails to delight and surprise me. And that’s the beautiful gift of a run in the woods.087

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