Living More Thoughtfully

I am working on 2 new habits, both based on experiences I had last week. The 2 places that inspired these changes are so different it makes me laugh, but the lesson was the same. The treasures of our planet cannot be taken for granted, or used carelessly. Our actions have impact so far beyond our daily consciousness.

But this is not a sermon, just my thoughts so…

Lesson One: We were at SeaWorld San Diego, and that is where I learned that dolphins and whales can have their blow holes clogged by plastic bags. I already knew that sea turtles eat plastic bags, mistaking them for jellyfish, and recently I heard that livestock world-wide are dying from ingesting these bags. SO, I made a committment to not use plastic grocery bags. Ever. Again. I have my re-useable Chico bags in my purse, and that is where they will stay.

Lesson two: This one came from Baja California, where I spent a week on a mission trip building homes. A life-changing trip in many ways, but that’s a post for another day. This area of Mexico receives about 5 inches of rain a year. Water is a precious, precious resource and most of the population does not have enough of it. I learned the twin skills of 3 minute showers and “flush minimization” while I was there. Now that I am home, my showers are longer than 3 minutes, but I am very aware of when water is running, and where water can be re-used. Water collected from the de-humidifier can be used on plants. Water will be turned OFF while I am lathering hands, dishes or teeth, and turned back on when needed to rinse.

Want to know more? Check out the “One Ocean Pledge”  and IDT Build Baja


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