It’s Friday and…

It’s Friday and this week’s training is on track. I just got in from this morning’s 5 miler, giving me 23 for the week. Plan is for 12 tomorrow, and 5 on Sunday for a 40 mile week.

That’s all good…If only the rest of my life was the same. You know how when you scoop up a big pile of clean laundry out of the dryer and a sock falls and you bend to pick it up and 2 more things fall, and you bend to pick them up and… well you get the idea.

That’s kind of how life feels right now. I just can’t quote keep it together. Lots of demands, lots of deadlines, lots of commitments. And I feel like I’m doing a half-a**ed job of all of it.

Credit to Beanforest Etsy shop

Credit to Beanforest Etsy shop

So I think I need this pin-it’s already making me feel better.

The question is- is that why I love running? Because it’s so simple, and it’s all in my control? Just put on my shoes, and go. Life is suddenly distilled into utter simplicity. Just this hill, just this mile, just me out on the road, one foot in front of the other. There is nothing else to be done. My mind can go where it will, but there is no multi-tasking, no piling on of more “stuff”. Just run.

What a glorious escape!


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