Go Ask Alice

“Begin at the beginning, keep on going until you come to the end; then stop.”
from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Wow, it’s so simple, isn’t it. Runner’s heads are full of numbers. Weekly miles, daily miles, long run miles. How many miles left?

When confronted with a big number, like say 26.2, or 50K, it can be overwhelming, scary even. So far to go.

But as you have no doubt experienced, your body will often surprise you with what it is capable of. The mind balks at these big numbers. The mind says no, that’s too far, that will be painful, that’s too much.

But the body knows how simple it really is- begin at the beginning, keep going, and stop when you come to the end.

I have posted this wisdom from Alice in Wonderland in strategic places when intimidated by a big number. This simple wisdom helps my mind to set my body free to do what it knows it CAN DO!

How do you set your body free from the doubts your mind casts?

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