What I Did On My Day Off…..

Got re-focused. Remembered what matters. Thanked God. Turned my mood around.

It had not been a great week at work. I love my work, I’m ambivalent about my job. Things  are uncertain, the foundation is shaky, tomorrow may not come.  It’s hard to feel like it matters, and it’s easy to worry about the future.

So, after working a long 6-day week plus my part time job, I was in a poor frame of mind.

So what is my secret to turning for turning it around?  I went to the forest.

Got in my car, drove to the national park, found the first trail, and parked. 2 hours and a good hike later, all is right with the world.

Here’s the thing- my job is still shaky, my financial future is still uncertain, NONE of the circumstances have changed.

But look at what I have. A national park 10 miles from my house. The mountains and the wide open views, the woodpecker, the wall of icicles, the rock scramble hike, the cloudless blue sky. I had all that this afternoon. In those moments, I wanted for nothing.

Life is fabulous. Life stinks. It’s the SAME LIFE.

So I’m wondering, if I pay attention, if I don’t miss the miracles that I know are present every day, if that might be enough.

A scene from my day…Bearfence Mountain Trail

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