Sunday Morning Run

I say all the time how lucky we are, living on the resort. I don’t ski, but I adore the ski slopes. I LOVE how they make their own weather by virtue of snow-making technology.

I love running with the mountain in my view. This morning, the mountain was covered in a thick frozen frost. While snow all around us had melted away, up along the face of the ridge, the trees were frosted white.

In spring, I’ll start running along the top of the ridge again, starting at the overlook, scrambling up the rocks, running through the forest until I come out at the top of the highest run, right above the ski lift. The vista will open up and I’ll see along the Massanutten mountain and down into the valley.

Then the slope is mine. The snow is gone, so are the skiers. I can run down like a little girl, laughing and playing the whole way. I’ll fly in my running shoes the way they do on their skis. I can’t wait until it’s my turn again!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Run

    • Hey Bearrunner~ Thanks for reading! Is Bearrunner an indicator of the wildlife you see on your runs? I’ll look forward to following your running journey as you post it….

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