The Year in Review-2011

Questions asked by Tom Basson here

What energised me most in 2011?

Travelling! Planning the trips, deciding on the details, mapping it all out, and being in the moments that unfolded.
Which relationships brought me the most joy? Why?

Larry, Ricky and Sharon. Because there is love and fun and honesty. Because there is no guilt, or pressure to perform. Because they are fun people.

Which relationships put me under the most pressure? Why?

Mom-constant pressure to live up to her expectations. A pervasive feeling that she disapproves of me

What were the “defining moments” of 2011?

the 12×12. Visiting the hindu temple in Delhi, and understanding that God is bigger than my religion.

What strengths did I see in myself during 2011?

The ability to discipline myself, to train, to stay the course.

Under which conditions did I see myself thrive?

I loved the camping- in Death Valley and Grand Canyon. I love the simplicity of camping, the way it strips life down to just what you need, the way it makes so many decisions(what to wear) irrelevant and un-necessary.  The way you can just get up and you are already right there in the middle of your adventure. There is no retreat to a hotel, or “sterile” separated place.

What did I avoid doing that I know I most needed to do?

Give to others. Tell the truth. Take care of health issues. See my friends.

What books and mentors had the greatest impact on me? Why?
Am I closer to my friends and family from my activities last year?

Ricky, Sharon and Larry -yes. Others, no.


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