Weird emotions today. Saturday we ran the Blue Ridge Marathon, our 3rd in 4 weeks. Remember how tired I was last week.

Well, now it’s over, and there is nothing scheduled until June. And this morning, I feel a little soreness, some general tiredness, and the memory of 25 miles in the driving rain (more on that later). But the overwhelming emotion this morning is —-let down. Like a kid the day after Christmas. It’s over. For a while. No more adrenalin. No more psyching up.  7 weeks until the next marathon. Seems like a long time. What will I do until then?

Well, I could schedule something else. And I found something. A nice flat, gravel road run in York PA. Co-incidentally, on the ONLY weekend in May that I am free. It’s very tempting. And I may sign up.

But first, I’m going to deal with these odd, unexpected feelings. I want to explore them a little. Why do I have to have something lined up? And WHY is June not soon enough? Is this just left over adrenalin? Is it addiction, to the endorphins, or the pain, or the rush? Is it healthy, or unhealthy?

I want to live with this for a day or two before I “fix” it. It has caught me by surprise. I honestly expected to feel nothing but relief at having a break in the schedule. I expected to feel freed up, relaxed, ready for a break.

This is what I love about this sport. There is always something new to learn, and something new to learn about myself. And always always a surprise! So the journey continues…….

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