Attitude Adjustment

As I wrote her earlier this week, I’m tired, and still trying to shake the cold I’ve had for 10 days.

I have allowed myself to wallow in this-to feel that I am run down from doing too much, from running too much. That may be factual, HOWEVER, it is not helpful.

Today I am going to concentrate on creating a more positive paradigm. It’s spring, I’m strong, and this weekend I”m setting a new record-3 marathons in 4 weeks. I’ll be 5 events into the 12 x 12,  almost half-way! It’s a beautiful course, along the Blue Ridge Parkway, lots of woods, parkland, and some lovely old neighborhoods in the last section. This will be fun! Another camping trip and day running with Larry- 2 of my favorite things, in a town (Roanoke, VA) that I am fond of.

I’ll be even more tired on Sunday than I am right now. And that will feel good, because it will be the start of several race-free weekends. Recovery time, after a JOB WELL DONE!

Now, isn’t that better?

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