April and the 12 x 12

I’m tired.   Saturday we ran Charlottesville Marathon. It was a beautiful course and I really, really enjoyed it. I never hit the wall,  my mental attitude stayed positive and I was in the game the whole time. Still slow, but I felt really good about it.

This coming Saturday will be our 3rd marathon in 4 weeks. One of which was 5oK. That’s a lot. And I’m tired. I don’t really want to do it.  I don’t want to psyche myself up for another 26.2 miles, especially hilly miles. I don’t want to assemble all my  race day gear. I don’t want to pin on my number and wait, full of adrenalin, at the starting line.

So right now my sights are set beyond that, to Sunday, and the following week, when there is no run scheduled. I need a break

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