Speed Work

So, Tuesday I had planned to go to the track after work for an interval workout. I don’t do speedwork; I have tried in the past, but never kept it up for a variety of reasons-injury, distraction, lack of discipline, whatever.

So, all day, I was a little afraid of this workout. Afraid it would be too hard; that I wouldn’t be able to do the fast intervals, that it would feel uncomfortable. The thing is, I knew I was being a little silly, it was just going to be me out there. I didn’t have to keep up with anyone, I didn’t have to “win”.

But I went. And I did the workout I had committed to. 6 intervals of 400’s, one lap fast, one lap recovery.

And I was happy with the workout. It was hard to go fast for a whole lap, but it was also fun, and it made me feel strong. AND, I had to pay attention, to keep my pace relatively consistent on both the fast and the recovery laps.

I was concerned that I would dread this workout every week; but already I’m looking forward to next week!

Lessons Learned:

1. Be moderate. If I had committed to 2 speed sessions a week, I might be overwhelmed, overtrained, and drag my feet, but once a week is good. It gives me time for all the other workouts I want to do, and it gives me time to look forward to next week’s speed training.

2. Try new things! You might learn something, you might get better at something, you might even HAVE FUN!

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