When Bart Yasso Speaks…

I saw a teaser on Runnersworld.com that I could not resist- hold on, I’ll go see if I can find it for you…wait right here. Ok, it’s a good thing I looked it up because I had it wrong, but here is the intro to the video…The 2 Most Important Words in Marathoning.

Fresh off my dismal time in Death Valley, I HAD to know. I clicked and listened to Bart Yasso make his case for negative splits. See it here-Bart Yasso on Negative Splits.

So, one of my goals is to use my weekly long run to practice negative splits. Here’s how it played out this morning:

Lap 1: Distance:5.02  Time: 54:20 Total Climb: 511 Total Descent: 676

Lap 2: Distance: 4.99  Time: 53:24 Total Climg: 682 Total Descent: 490

The 2nd half was slightly faster than the first half. It was an educational experience, and will definitely take practice.  Going out was more downhill, and I had to concentrate to keep my pace slow. I was holding back. As I got closer to the halfway mark, I was itchy to turn around so I could speed up. That was the first lesson. By holding back, it was like storing up energy that wanted to be released. I wanted to run faster. That is not something I have experienced in the 2nd half of a marathon, or even a long run. Second, I knew the return trip had more uphill, and I was concerned that this would slow me down. But what I found was, I had the energy, and the desire to push through in the 2nd half, because I had worked so hard to hold back in the first half.

A good run, and good lesson, I’m happy with it.

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