Emerging From the Funk

“Defeat teaches better than victory.”Japanese saying

So, last weekend was the marathon that left me questioning my abilities, my training, my will, and my future as a marathoner. All I could see was a slippery slope downward to the 6 hour marathon. I was discouraged and insecure.

But, now I have a plan. A training plan. If I want to get faster, I need to train with purpose. It’s not enough to log miles every week. I’m good at that, I’ll log how ever many miles you tell me to, but obviously, there is more to it than that. So here is the new plan:

Saturday– Long slow run- GOAL: Negative splits.

Sunday-Trail run. GOAL: Strength and confidence on trails


Tuesday-Track workout. GOAL: Increase speed

Wednesday-Tempo Run in am. Weights in pm


Friday-Easy run in am. Weights in pm

I may have to switch Wednesday and Friday, depending how my body responds to the speedwork.

So, tune in 6 weeks from now to see how I’m doing!


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