Race Review

This is different than the race report. This is my thoughts since, about my finish time (S-L-O-W)  and what to do about it.

The 5:12 finish really bothers me. I see, at my age, a fast slid toward a 6 hour marathon, and I’m just not ready for that yet.

So I have a couple of plans:

1. Speed work. I have a fear of speed work, because everytime I’ve started to incorporate that, I’ve wound up hurt, or hurting. But I need to get a track workout in once a week, and that’s the goal

2. Negative splits. I’ve been taught this from so many experts since before my first marathon, and I’ve never accomplished it. But starting now, during my weekly long runs, I’m going to practice and learn this technique.

3. Mental attitude. I have about 6 weeks before the next race. During this time, my confidence must rebound. I have to change my mental picture of myself as a slowing aging runner. I need a re-surgence of determination and drive. That will come of the training I do over the coming weeks- I hope.


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