Race Report

Race Report for the Black Rock Summit Challenge- January 23rd.

Temp: 8 degrees! Sunny, calm, C-O-L-D.

Drove in the pitch dark for over an hour in the middle of nowhere. Just after sunrise, I arrived at the parking area. I was the first one there, but quickly followed by a stream of vehicles, mostly trucks, mostly filled with men.

It was so cold that everyone stayed in their cars for a while, and when we all got out there were a group of about 50 people, the usual mix of ages and genders. I was nervous, still, about being able to keep up, but the race director was so enthusiastic and casual and funny that I relaxed and started to have fun.

Then we took off. I was in last place almost immediately, but didn’t really care. I enjoyed the beautiful trail, undulating up and down, crossing back and forth over the wide, icy, rocky creek, and just on my own adventure.

Trail, creek, trail, fire road, Skyline drive, and then a steep, steep narrow trail to the summit! And back down fast.


  • Crossing the creek, I loved that!
  • The summit. Wish I could have stayed longer.
  • Overtaking the stragglers and NOT being last
  • Thinking I was lost, panicking, recovering and continuing on.
  • And finally, finishing!

15 miles, about 3 hours, and one of the absolute most fun fun runs I have ever been on!

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