I’m excited!

As you know if you’ve been around for more that 60 seconds, I have a goal of 12 endurance events by 2012.

Several events are already scheduled, but I was struggling with January. I can’t travel too far this month, and local events were non-existent. So I had been developing a plan to run on my own, someplace close to home. It felt a little bit like “just another training run”.

Then today, I got an email! A nearby running club is hosting the “Blackrock Summit Challenge.PERFECT! A real event!  Here’s the description:

” …follows rolling terrain along the North Moorman River road (with several creek crossings), and it then climbs to Blackrock Gap.  At Blackrock Gap, you will take the Appalachian Trail NORTH for about 1 mile to the summit of Blackrock Mountain.  At this point, retrace your steps and haul ASS back to the finish!  The total distance is about 13 miles with approximately 2000 feet of climb.”

Woo-Hoo! Fun, right??

I have been so charged up about my year long plan, and this will be the perfect kick-off. Just when I was ready to compromise on the first event, this fell in my lap.

It confirms what I’ve been feeling…just start, then keep going, and see what happens. Often, it’s something really good. Never give up!

What are you struggling with? Where do you need to JUST KEEP GOING?

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