Crazy Ideas

We talked earlier about what we REALLY want in 2011. Hopefully the answer for you is a CRAZY IDEA.

I know that some of my loved ones think that the 12 by 12 is a crazy idea. 12 by 12 is my goal to run a marathon or bike a century event every month in 2011- resulting in 12 events by 2012(The name 12 by 12 is courtesy of my smart son). Too much money, too much training, too much traveling, who talked you into this, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, I can hear in my head all the reasons people will think it’s a bad idea. These people don’t want to hurt me, they want to take care of me, but they don’t, and cannot understand one thing-

I REALLY, REALLY, want this! I am pumped up. The training, the planning, the scheduling, are my passion. This is going to be fun! And hard. And educational. I don’t know what I will learn, but I know that by 2012, I will know more about myself, my abilities, my limits, than I know now.

Okay, enough about me. Here is a woman who had a CRAZY IDEA. She kept it to herself for a year while she worked on it. That was smart, because it protected her from discouragement by people who love her and wanted to protect her. I heard her being interviewed on the radio, and went looking for her story to share with you.  Read her story here, and then DREAM about your crazy idea. It just might be the thing you MUST do this year!

If you haven’t already done it, write your idea down, and then write about how your day would go if that dream were a reality. What would you do, what would your life be like, what would your day look like.  Write it down.

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