Sometimes Will Power is Wasted

Ok, here is my advice for the day: If you are craving Brussel Sprouts, go ahead and have them!

About 11:15 this morning, I’m sitting at work, and all I can think about is the brussel sprouts I steamed and brought for lunch. No, I kept telling myself, have a little self control, you can wait until lunch. WAIT-WHAT? They’re Brussel Sprouts! It’s not like I was digging in to  giant bowl of M&M’s. It wasn’t a hot fudge sundae, it was a container of Brussel Sprouts!

It eventually dawned on me that if your body wants vegetables, you should indulge it! So I ate the Brussel Sprouts. And they were good. In fact, they were delicious.

And then I felt happy. Happy because I had the snack I was craving and happy that my body craved vegetables.

So add this to my list of MORE- More Brussel Sprouts!

And please, please, please, remember to be kind to yourself. Learn to say yes, and stop automatically saying no. Oh yeah, and eat your vegetables!

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