In 2011, Let’s Have More!

This is a great post on changing our approach to healthy living.  “How the Power of “More”……

So, as we enter into a new year, instead of making a bunch of rules about what we MUST do, and what we CAN’T have, and what we’ll GIVE UP, let’s treat ourselves with love and kindness. What will you give yourself MORE of?

My list….

  • More fresh veggies
  • More time outdoors
  • More fun with friends
  • More travel
  • More oranges
  • More reading
  • More hiking

This is not the final list. I’m inviting you to join me in ADDING to our lives. I’m going to open my eyes and purposefully allow MORE good things in. I bet there are just as many good things you love as there are bad things. Say YES to yourself, give yourself those good things, don’t save them up for some imaginary future time.

I’ll bet that as we give ourselves more good things, we will find less time and enthusiasm for some of the things that are not beneficial to us.

What are you going to give yourself in 2011? Share your list.

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