Logging Miles

How do you log your workouts and runs? I have used a variety of ways, mostly online, but this past year I did something I like much better and will continue in 2011. I used a spiral bound engagement calendar and wrote each entry. It was much more personal and meaningful than other methods.

Things I include:

  • Mileage
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Weather in general
  • Route
  • With who
  • If it was a race, I cut and pasted the race logo on that date, just for fun
  • I made other notations such as “first glimpse of dawn”. Now I know I can expect that around the end of February, the sky will start to lighten while I’m out.

    Looking back at the year today was almost like enjoying a photo album, remembering runs in lots of different places, new routes, hard trails, extreme weather, races, and all of the FUN I had on my feet in 2010. I noticed that my base mileage increased over the year as well. It was inspiring and energizing to thumb through page by page and remember so many experiences, beautiful scenery and adventures on my feet.

    I am grateful for what my body is able to do, and I am motivated to keep training, so that I don’t miss a minute or a mile of what 2011 has in store.

    What stands out for you as you review your running over the past year?  What other info do you include in your running log? Please share!

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