Early To Bed…

Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Another old saying that pops into my head while I’m running. Then the next thought- well, one out of three’s not bad. Because I am healthy. I’m healthy in large part due to lifestyle. I’m thoughtful about what I eat. I’m intentional about my fitness and strength. I take care of my body and challenge it to do more. But I’m not naive enought to think it’s all me. I’m LUCKY to be healthy, and I’m grateful everyday for the wholeness of my body. I know that I could do everything to perfection(which I do not) and still not control my overall health. So many women (and men) around me suffer from cancers and illnesses and degenerative conditions that strike without warning.

Every day of health is a gift. Every morning I wake up in my sound body I am profoundly grateful. And I have deep admiration and awe for those who struggle with chronic disease and physical challenges, who look forward to each day with hope and energy. They are inspiration to me. It’s easy to be healthy and optimistic. I wonder if I have the courage to be suffering and optimistic.

Do you struggle with a health issue? What keeps you going? What gives you hope?

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