Show of Hands….

I run early, early, EARLY in the morning. 8 months out of 12 I run in the dark, thus my handle, “HomeByDawn.”

Sometimes, I love it. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, there is absolutely NO competition for my time at 5am. It’s all my time. The world looks different (well, at least the parts I can see). The deer are out, so quiet, so serene, even as they bound away from my approach.

But sometimes, it’s so dark, and so early, and especially in the extreme cold, it’s not easy to get out the door. I know there are others like me, out pounding the pavement in the pre-dawn. Who are you? Speak up and share your early morning musings.

Let’s band together and encourage each other. Let’s remember, next time it looks SOOOO dark and unwelcoming, that we aren’t alone, our “homebydawn” partners are out there somewhere.

Are you a pre-dawn runner? Let me know about you!

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