The Choice

It was cold this morning- yesterday too- 13  degrees. When the alarm went off at 4:45, I had a choice to make.

Get up, get dressed, go out into the dark, breezy 13 degree morning and run.

OR, hit the snooze, stay under the electric blanket.

Those are the kinds of decisions that make a difference. It’s easy to run when its easy- when the sun’s out, and I feel strong, and there are no time constraints, and I have a partner to keep me company.

Those runs pay off from the first step. They’re FUN.

5 miles on a 13 degree, windy, pitch dark morning don’t pay off right away. They pay off later, after the run, in the hot shower, with a mug of coffee, with the miles logged and the victory won.

It’s hard to remember that from underneath the electric blanket.

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