Can’t We All Just Get Along?

One of next year’s goals is to run a 50K. It will be my first, and so I looked around online for a training program. Now I have a problem. I found 2 plans.

The first is put out by a group called “UltraLadies Running Club.” Great! Geared toward women running ultras.  I imagine that this plan was written by a petite, muscular, blond woman named “Liz”. Everytime I look at the schedule I imagine Liz coaching me.  I want to be like her, I don’t want to let her down.

She’s not mean, exactly, but she is no-nonsense. “Just get out there and run your miles”, she says. Quit whining. – Uh,oh. According to Liz, I’m already 3 weeks behind! In order to run my scheduled event on March 26, I should be on week four of the training plan.  No problem, I have a good base, I’ll just jump in.  Weekend runs-18 on Saturday, 8 on Sunday. Hmmm. Ok, I’ll ease in……

Then I look at plan 2. This one I’m pretty sure was developed by a guy named Chuck. What you do is enter your event date, and Chuck generates a custom plan to get you ready by race day. What?  Acording to Chuck, I don’t even need to start training until January!

What’s going on here? Liz and Chuck both promise to get me ready for my 50K, but they completely disagree on what it takes to get me there. Who do I believe? Hard core Liz in one ear, saying “Suck it up and run”? Or laid back Chuck, who says, “Don’t worry, we’ll ease into it in a few weeks”?

Here’s what I did this weekend- Saturday, 11 miles, with a 2000 Ft climb up, and then 2000 ft  back down.  Sunday, 6 miles of moderate hills.  A good and challenging training weekend. I hope Liz won’t think I’m a wimp.

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