The 12 By 12

That’s what I’m calling my next goal: To complete 12 endurance events next year- one a month by 2012.

The events will likely include marathons, ultras and bike rides. So far on the schedule:

February 5th– The Death Vally Borax Marathon in California.

March 25th– Belmonte 50K in Virginia, my first Ultra

April 17th-National College Blue Ridge Marathon in beautiful Roanoke, Virginia.

What I’m excited about:

  1. The physical challenge.
  2. The traveling. I love traveling and exploring new places.
  3. The planning.

I’m in the midst of dreaming and planning the events and the trips. Some will be close, some will be far, one may be exotic if I can pull it off. Hopefully many of them will be in the company of my favorite running and traveling partner.

And the plan is to record them here, for myself, and for you if you enjoy them.

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