Day 2 of the Himalayan 100

About 3 am, I heard the generator fire up, and the cheerful chatter of the wonderful staff who cooked and cared for us. It had been a cold night in the sleeping bag, listening to the wind and rain batter our wooden shelter. Now, up for a warm breakfast of porridge, potatoes, and sugared tea … Continue reading

Running the Himalayan 100

That’s me, in Maneybanjang, India, on the border of Nepal. The whole town had come out to see us, a small group of westerners about to begin a 5 day, 100 mile stage run along the India-Nepal border, in view of 4 of the highest peaks of the Himalaya. It has taken me months to process … Continue reading

Asking the Right Question

You are so young- You have 60 or 70 or even 80 years ahead of you, but do not be fooled- THEY GO FAST! As time passes, I hope you accumulate stories that start with- “I used to have the cutest apartment in ______”; and “When I was travelling in ____”.   Not stories that start … Continue reading

Father’s Day 2014

My first thought was, Pie! Daddy would LOVE to have a piece of pie on Father’s Day!  So I picked up the rock and continued running, up the trail to the memorial I started for my dad this past New Year’s Day. Daddy died on December 27th, of cancer. After 4 exhausting, emotional, draining days, … Continue reading

Adventures are Unpredictable

That’s what makes them adventures.  This morning, my mind is full of images of yesterday’s Reston Runner’s marathon, which took place in a swirling storm of wind, rain, sleet and driving snow….. At lunch afterwards, family members wondered aloud – how can you even do that?  ( What they really meant was- WHY would you … Continue reading

We Have to Talk – About Halloween

Out for my long run this morning, I realized that I had to say something. Obviously there’s a need for some Halloween intervention.  This struck me as I ran passed a house with the shrubbery drapped in big cobwebs, with a 5 ft furry spider clinging to a tree. So listen up, this is important. … Continue reading

Race Report-North Face Endurance Challenge

It’s taken me a while to process this race. My first ever 50-miler was everything I love about trail races-intensified. I had never been at a starting line so early before, and there was something very exciting about milling around in the dark. The finish line and tents were lit up, everyone had their headlamps … Continue reading

What Yoga Has Taught me about Running

I started practicing yoga to help me run.  Little did I know that loosening tight muscles and joints was just one of many ways yoga would improve my running, especially the long run. Some things yoga teaches me: Focus on the present. Do you ever find yourself running up a hill, and thinking about the … Continue reading


I got this great idea from Kim at So Many Places. If you are not reading her blog, you should be!  It’s a thank you letter to life for all (or at least a few) of the things I’m grateful for.  Here it is: Shenandoah Valley, Virginia June 10, 2013 4:58pm Dear Life- Thank you … Continue reading

Laurels in Bloom

It’s been 8 days since I ran the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler. Since then, I have had no desire to run. None. I went out during the week for 2 half-hearted easy runs, and rode my bike. I thought maybe this is a good time to quit. Just hike and ride my bike, … Continue reading